Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Living Hope is all about connecting people to God, to each other, and to a world in need of God’s love. That’s our mission. It’s why we’re here.

Honestly, though, that’s a mission shared by a lot of churches. So what makes Living Hope different from the church down the street? Well, it boils down to what’s important to us, what we value…

Our Values

Open Acceptance

We welcome and love all people, especially people who haven’t said the big Yes to Jesus. We hope that everyone who comes into contact with us experiences the welcoming open arms of their heavenly Father.

Life Change

We believe that God has the power to really and truly change us when we cannot change ourselves. Sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly and gradually, God is always transforming us into the people he created us to be.


We strive to live honest, transparent lives as we share both our joys and our struggles. There is no reason to wear a mask in the life of the Christian community.

Spiritual Faithfulness

We uphold the Bible as God’s Word that fully shows us the truth about Jesus Christ and teaches us how to live in a way that honors him. We also want to learn from the Christ-followers who have made this journey ahead of us.


We realize that none of us have “arrived” and all of us need to grow. If we remain teachable, we know that God will help us learn from each other.

Personal Responsibility

We recognize that each person must take responsibility for their own growth, so we encourage everyone to grow one step at a time. No arm-twisting or guilt trips allowed.


We willingly pour out our lives in service to others, following Jesus’ example of servant leadership. We firmly believe that God has gifted and called everyone to serve others.


We encourage imagination and initiative in all areas of ministry, always looking for new and better ways to communicate the unchanging good news of Jesus Christ to our friends and neighbors.


We offer God our best in everything we do because it honors God and inspires people.


While our mission and values don’t change, the way we live them out will always be changing. We love challenges, because they give us an opportunity to try something new.