Emergency Overnight Warming Center

Every night this January and February, our building will be open as an emergency overnight warming center for those who need a safe, warm place to spend the night. Every night, 8:00 pm – 7:00 am, at 1115 Calumet Ave in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Check-in is 8:00-9:00 pm. After that, the doors are locked, and only those who are brought by the police will be allowed entry.

Anyone is welcome, as long as they are not drunk or high or a danger to themselves or others. Everyone is subject to a brief search of bags and pockets to make sure no weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are being brought in.

Coffee, snacks, and occasional meals are available, along with lots of free items like toiletries, socks, coats, etc. A shower is available as well.

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm – 6:00 am. During that time all electronic devices must be off, and the lights will be out in the sleeping rooms so that everyone can get some rest.


This Q&A handout might help. If you have other questions, Pastor Rich would love to answer them. Text or call him at 219-242-4532 or email him at rich@LivingHope.info.

Want to help?

Let us know at tinyurl.com/2024wchelp. Our biggest need is for overnight volunteers willing to supervise either the whole night (8:00-7:00) or half the night (8:00-1:30 or 1:30-7:00), but we’ll also take donations of non-perishable snack/breakfast foods or money to buy supplies.

See the rules & nightly schedule here: tinyurl.com/2024wcrules.