Free the Girls update

For years now, we’ve been collecting used bras for a non-profit called Free the Girls. They help women in other countries coming out of sex trafficking get re-integrated into society… in part by selling bras in their used clothing markets for income.

Over the past few years, Free the Girls has been working to expand their reintegration services, helping more women in more ways… and it’s a good thing they have! Because in a recent email they said, “unforeseen changes in the global economy have made bra selling much less financially lucrative for the women in our programs while simultaneously the bra program itself has become considerably more expensive for us to operate.

So they have asked us to stop collecting used bras. You can still bring them in through the end of September, but after that, it would be best to find a different place to donate them. If you would like to know more about how you can continue to support their work, they will soon have updated information on their website: