Church Online

We stream Sunday’s service live to you every Sunday morning… or whenever you want to watch.

You have 3 venues for participating in this Sunday’s worship service:

  1. Church Online. This makes it a bit easier to follow along with notes, interact in the chat, privately request prayer, or even look up Bible verses. Plus it includes links to online giving and more.
  2. Facebook. Some of you have hosted “watch parties” to invite your friends, and the live comments give us a chance to interact.
  3. YouTube. Some of you are using this to watch our services on your smart TV.

Whichever venue you choose, we hope you’ll join in just as fully as if you were in the room with us! Greet each other in the chat or comments, let us know how we can pray for you, and sing along! (This is your chance! No one but God will hear you!)

If you miss the service, the video will continue to be available on YouTube and Facebook whenever you want to watch.

If you would like to celebrate communion with us at the end of the service, go ahead and gather bread and juice before we begin, and at the appropriate time, join us in celebrating the sacrament in remembrance of the love of God shown to us in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.