Disaster Response

Here are two ways we can provide concrete help to those devastated by the storms in Kentucky last week:

  • Give to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ storm response fund at NCM.org/stormrelief.
  • Put together a clean-up kit: paper towels, masks, cleaning gloves, sponges, trash bags, 1/4 gallon bleach bottle, and 12/3 extension cord, all inside a 5-gallon bucket with lid. This can be dropped off at Valpo Nazarene Church on the corner of Glendale and Silhavy, door 2, Sunday, Dec. 19, 3:00-7:00 pm or Monday, Dec. 20, 8:00 am-noon. They’ll be headed down to KY by Monday afternoon!

These details and more were also shared on the church Facebook page. In addition, we can all be praying for those impacted to know God’s grace, strength, and peace through this tumultuous time.