Sunday Messages Archive

What She Wants, What He Wants

Sep 23, 2012

Pastor Rich continues our series on marriage by looking at some of the different ways we can bless our spouses. (He refers to the assessment at, if you want to check it out!)

(Message begins @ 7:45)


After the Honeymooon

Sep 16, 2012

Pastor Rich starts a 5-week series on relationships and marriage by looking at Genesis 1-2 and God’s mission for us in marriage.

Message Begins @ 8:00


According to Jim: Prayer

Sep 9, 2012

Pastor Rich wraps up this 5-week series by looking at what James says about prayer, trusting God, and allowing God to shape what our hearts desire.

Message Begins @ 8:00


According to Jim: Humility

Sep 2, 2012

Pastor Rich continues his series on James by looking at the topic of humility.

(Message Begins @ 9:30)


According to Jim: Tongue Trouble

Aug 26, 2012

Pastor Rich brings out some of James’ practical wisdom for the trouble our tongues get us into.

(Message begins @ 7:30)


According To Jim: Endurance

Aug 19, 2012

Pastor Rich speaks on endurance and patience in the Christian life.

(Message begins @ 9:30)


According to Jim: Faith

Aug 12, 2012

Pastor Rich begins a 5-week series from the letter written by James, the brother of Jesus. This week, we looked at what James says about having a faith that is real, that changes the way we live.

(Message begins @ 9:56)


Who Is On Your Team?

Aug 5, 2012

Pastor Rich helps us learn from Olympic athletes (and Scripture) how we can encourage, challenge, and help each other be all God created us to be.

(Message begins @ 7:32)


Testimonies Of God’s Faithfulness

Jul 29, 2012

The six men and women serving as Living Hope’s church board offer answers to questions about generous giving and share their stories of God’s faithfulness.

(Message begins @ 6:34)


Getting Into Giving

Jul 22, 2012

Pastor Rich speaks on the importance and examples of giving and trusting God to provide as we give our first 10%. Austin Schrock returns as a guest worship leader.

(Message begins @ 8:20)


Honoring God With “My” Stuff

Jul 15, 2012

How do we handle our finances in a God-honoring way? We look at what the Scriptures say about earning, giving, and saving money, as well as repaying debts and being content with what we have.

(Message begins @ 8:30)


Life On Fire: Sharing Our Stuff

Jul 8, 2012

Pastor Rich starts a 3-week series of messages on money by reminding us that it’s not really our stuff. It’s God’s stuff! We just get to play with it for a while before passing it along to someone else.

(Message begins @ 3:22)


Life On Fire: Prayer

Jul 1, 2012

Pastor Dave Bartley preaches on the life of prayer and the importance of praying for God’s Kingdom.

Message begins at 0:00


Life On Fire: Breaking Bread

Jun 24, 2012

Pastor Rich speaks on getting out of our comfort zones to meet and dine with neighbors, family, and friends and experience the ministry of God’s Spirit between us.

(Message begins @ 5:49)


Life On Fire: Fellowship

Jun 17, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches on living with a personal relationship with God and with people, not a private one.

(Message begins @ 9:18)


Life On Fire: The Bible

Jun 10, 2012

Pastor Rich speaks on getting into God’s Word regularly through listening, reading, studying, meditating, and memorizing Scripture. The service is concluded by a presentation highlighting the children’s Bible-quizzing program this past school year.

(Message begins @ 7:10)


Life On Fire: The Story After Pentecost

Jun 3, 2012

Pastor Rich speaks on living free from sin and passionate about a life for God.

(Message begins @ 8:25)


God’s Unprofessional Nearness

May 27, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches the final sermon in the Ashes To Fire Series, a Pentecost Sunday message about God’s nearness through His indwelling Holy Spirit.

(Messages begins @ 11:55)


The Fear Of God

May 20, 2012

Guest speaker Rev. Duane Schmidt speaks on how to have a healthy understanding of God based on Scripture.

(Message begins at 10:45)


You Are My Friends

May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day 2012

(Message begins at 7:24)


I Am The Vine

May 6, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches about how to let God’s love shine through us.

(message begins @ 4:11)


I Am The Good Shepherd

Apr 29, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches about the concept of a shepherd herding his sheep.

(message begins @ 4:00)


Touch Me And See Me

Apr 22, 2012

Pastor Rich continues the story of Jesus after the resurrection.

(message begins @ 4:27)


Believing is Seeing

Apr 15, 2012

Pastor Rich continues the Easter story with lessons from the Apostle Thomas.

(message begins @ 5:15)


Seeing is Believing

Apr 8, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

(message begins @ 4:51)


The Lord Needs It

Apr 1, 2012

Pastor Rich preaches about the last few hours of Jesus’ life before heading to the cross.

(message begins at 2:46)